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What is a certified translation?


A certified translation, also known in Brazil as a sworn translation, is that done by a Public Translator and Commercial Interpreter, commissioned after passing a civil service examination and registered with the Board of Trade in his State of residence.


Only a certified translation shall be valid for legal purposes and will be officially acknowledged by Public Agencies in Brazil. According to Chapter III, Paragraph 18 of Decree # 13.609, dated October 21, 1943: "No book, document or paper of any nature, which has been written in a foreign language, shall become effective in any Federal, State or County Public Office, at any Court level or in any organ maintained, inspected or oriented by the Public Authority unless presented along with its corresponding translation, done pursuant to this herein ordinance."


What kind of document may be translated?


Any document may be translated. However, it would be natural and expected that a translation be made from original documents. Should the document produced for translation not be the original issue, it will be up to the translator to mention its nature, such as: certified copy; uncertified copy; electronic file; FAX; etc. Please check beforehand whether the document that you are submitting for translation will be accepted by the institution requiring it.
















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